January 2013 Carnival of Aces Roundup

These are the nine submissions I’ve received for January’s carnival, whose topic was non-traditional relationship styles and polyamory.

Queenie writes about nonsexual relationships for sex-repulsed or celibate aces.

ace-muslim writes about why the concepts of queerplatonic relationships and platonic life partnerships are important.

Jo writes about a platonic relationship and the qualities that characterize it.

downwardlystatic likes the idea of having multiple romantic friendships.

Kelly reflects on how the kind of relationship she ultimately wants in her life is one like the bond she shared with her sister.

thethinkingasexual writes about being a celibate asexual relationship anarchist.

pluralalpha writes about non-traditional relationships in history.

Eponine offers advice and caution for people in mixed relationships who are considering polyamory.

Sara writes about dancing as a traditional form of nontraditional relationship.

Thank you to everyone who submitted!

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