A blog by an autistic asexual

Call for submissions: January 2013 Carnival of Aces

It is not uncommon in the asexual community for asexuals to enter into relationships that deviate from many cultures’ norms, including but not limited to

  • sexless romantic relationships, with other asexuals or with non-asexual-spectrum people
  • queer/platonic relationships
  • asexual polyamorous relationships

So the theme for January’s Carnival will be nontraditional relationships and polyamory. Submissions do not have to address every bullet point, and only must be relevant to asexuality and non-traditional relationship structures. Write about something you’ve explored, are exploring or would like to explore!

Please send links to your submissions to pianycist@gmail.com. If you don’t have a blog or Tumblr of your own, send the text of your submission to my email address and I will host it here.

A list of previous asexual blog carnivals can be found here: https://asexualagenda.wordpress.com/a-carnival-of-aces-masterpost/

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